Dear Friends of the Summer Institute,

Most come back to Martha’s Vineyard because the island has touched us in a deeply personal way. The manifest beauty of the island combined with a slower pace, yet intellectually challenging way of life signals this is not an experience to be missed. All six speaker sessions were sold out last year. The Summer Institute provides us with a way of meeting others who are curious about a multiplicity of points of view about today’s issues and their consequences. 

In the 24 years since its founding, the Summer Institute has grown to become an important cultural institution on the Island, welcoming diverse viewpoints and ideas. With the generous support of our Sponsors, we bring two months of programs to the Vineyard every summer. In the coming season, we will continue enriching the lives of Islanders by providing thought-provoking speakers and films.

This website provides you with an introduction to our organization and programs, and we urge all of you – Islanders and visitors alike – to join us for our next exciting series of speakers and films in the 2020 season of the Summer Institute.

Best Regards,
Bruce Eckman, Ph.D.
Chair, Summer Institute