Dear Friends of the Summer Institute,

In the 25 years since its founding, the Summer Institute has grown to become an important cultural institution on Martha’s Vineyard. With the generous support of our Sponsors, we bring six weeks of programs to the island every summer.

Our lives changed dramatically this past year and, finally, we are embracing a new normalcy. We are happy to announce that the Summer Institute is moving to a hybrid speaker series. We will be returning to in-person lectures and brunches as well as continuing with Zoom, for those who choose not to attend. As always, our mission is to enrich the lives of islanders by providing thought-provoking speakers and films. This website will offer an understanding of our organization and includes both current and past programs. We urge you to join us for our 2021 Summer Institute Speaker Series and Film Festival.  

Best Regards,
Bruce Eckman, Ph.D., Chair
Shelly Eckman, Ph.D., Co-Chair