$1,250 (Sponsor may invite a total of 2 guests)
$2,400 (Sponsor may invite a total of 4 guests)
$3,450 (Sponsor may invite a total of 6 guests)
$5,000 (Sponsor may invite a total of 8 guests)
$10,000 (Sponsor may invite a total of 10 guests)

  • All levels are for two people, typically a couple.  Or a Sponsor and plus one.
  • Sponsors receive free admission to all six of the Speaker programs and Friday brunches. 
  • The number of guests that you can invite, per season, is based on your Sponsor level.  Your guests will enjoy the same benefits as you…. at no cost to them. 
  • You can bring additional guests, but you will be required to RSVP, and pay $25 for each Speaker event attended, and $35 for each brunch.
  • Sponsors at the $2400 level, and above, will be invited to join a Speaker at a small private dinner party before the lecture.

2019 Pledge Form

Sponsorship Levels Have Changed

The cost of being a Sponsor has not changed since we began 23 years ago. However, the cost of running a quality Speaker Series has increased over time.  In particular, travel and housing costs for Speakers, the addition of tents at all brunches (not just on rainy days), the cost of refreshments for larger audiences, food for brunches that have seen increasing numbers and, lastly, increased advertising costs. Currently our margins are too low to sustain us. Therefore, with the approval of the Advisory Committee, we are increasing the cost of Sponsor levels.