Welcome to the Martha’s Vineyard Hebrew Center Summer Institute. For over 20 years, the Summer Institute has been a center of intellectual life on the island; a forum for informed discussion and debate. Each summer, for six consecutive weeks, we invite thought leaders from a variety of fields including politics, government, the arts, journalism, and science to speak and engage in spirited question and answer sessions over two days. The Summer Institute also hosts a Jewish Film series.

Remarkably, during the past three Covid summers the Summer Institute continued uninterrupted, in 2020 as a virtual forum and in 2021 and 2022 both virtually and in person. In addition, sponsors and Hebrew Center members were able to stream the selected films into their homes. We are grateful to the previous chairs, Bruce and Shelly Eckman, and all who worked with them to make this possible. Whatever the vagaries of Covid, the Summer Institute will continue in 2023!

The Summer Institute is supported by the generosity of over 100 sponsors. Please join us this summer beginning Thursday evening, July 6. Consider becoming a sponsor. Join our vibrant, collegial community.


Keith Heller, Chair